Lakeland Recreation

Group Rates

Kiddie Group Rate:
(Children under 50 inches)
Little Racer 4 Attraction Wristband – $15

Under 20 People:
Package A – 4 Attractions – $22
Package B – 5 Attractions – $27

20-49 People:
Package C – 4 Attractions – $20
Package D – 5 Attractions – $25
or .50cents off any attraction

50 or more People:
Package E – 4 Attractions – $18
Package F – 5Attractions – $22
or $1 off any attraction

Custom packages available for RESERVED parties only

Call for details about special school and church parties.

You are welcome to bring your own food and drink to our facilities.

Party Room available, call for details.

Special Event Packages

Family Reunion

$15.00 per person (50-200 people)


Party Host
One meal choice: Pizza, Cold sandwiches, Pulled pork (add $1.00/person), Pulled Chicken (add $1.00/person), BBQ Chicken (add $1.00/person)
2 hours unlimited Miniature Golf, Water Smashers, and Go-Karts

Birthday Party

$16.00 per person (Minimum of 10 people)


Party Host
Two attractions (your choice)
One game of Miniature golf
One meal choice: Pizza (2 pieces) or Cold sandwiches

Field Trip – School Groups Only

$16.00 per person (Minimum of 30 people) May-August (Monday-Friday) 10am-2pm 7yrs & older


Unlimited Attractions for 2 Hours
Meal: Pizza (2 pieces), Chips, Soda

Baseball/Softball Party

$10.00 per person (Minimum of 10 people) May-June (Monday-Sunday) July & August (Monday-Friday)


Unlimited Batting Cages- up to 3 Cages for 1 Hour
Snack: Ice cream or slushie
Add attractions for $4.00/person per attraction

Corporate/Private Party

$35.00 per person (Minimum of 50 people) Sunday-Thursday


Party Host

Unlimited Attractions- (3) Hours
Meal choice (Pick 2 Mains and 2 Sides):
Main: Cold Sandwiches, Pulled Chicken, Pulled Pork, Baked Chicken, BBQ Chicken.
Sides: Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Pasta Salad, Vegetables & Dip.
Water and Soda