Lakeland Recreation


6979 W. Houghton Lake Drive, Houghton Lake, Michigan 48629
(2 Miles east of US 127 on M-55)


We will be open Saturdays 11-8 and Sundays 11-6 in September. We close for the season September 26th, 2022.




Lakeland Recreation

The number one place in Houghton Lake, Michigan to go for fun!

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, going on a date, or looking for a place where you can take the entire family, we have it all. Lakeland Recreation is family owned and operated since 1969. Our entire family helps in the operation of the business and takes pride in it.

Go Karts


At Lakeland Recreation, we have three separate go-kart tracks so the driver can share the track with others of similar skill level. Beginner drivers who do not meet the age and height requirements for our full size go karts will enjoy driving our mini falcon karts.  This track has smaller battery operated karts so that beginners can improve their driving ability away from the older drivers on the full size karts. The family 8 track road course has full size go-karts for intermediate speed racing.  There are karts sized for younger drivers as well as double occupancy karts that allow smaller passengers to ride along with an older driver.  Our third track is for older, more experienced drivers. These karts are faster, making for an exciting race experience for the more experienced drivers.  We have height and age restrictions for each track, check the rules posted at each track and the ticket office before choosing your track.

Mini Golf


Lakeland Recreation has two 18 hole mini golf courses, the blue and the green course. The holes are surrounded by streams of trickling water and fountain ponds.  So come out to Lakeland and enjoy a challenging round of mini golf in a relaxing environment.

Batting Cages


Just outside the game room we have baseball and softball pitching machines so you can fine tune your batting skills.  These machines have various speed settings to provide a challenge for all skill levels.  Grab a helmet and bat from the rack and start working on that swing before your next little league or softball game.

Haunted Mansion


At the far end of the park, just past the mini-golf entrance stands Count Von Strange’s 3 story house.  It is occupied by a few spooky characters that have refused to leave the premises even after their demise.  Spend a few minutes strolling the dark hallways and see if you can make it all the way to the basement exit.  There is an early exit for those who lose the nerve to continue.   We recommend it for ages 8 and up. 

Water Smashers


For water lovers, we have a pond full of water smashers.  There are fountains and falls so you can push your friends and get them refreshed on a hot summer day.  But beware, the boats are equipped with squirt guns and you might get doused if you attack from the wrong angle!  This is a fun option on those warm summer days when the wind is too high for enjoying Houghton Lake.

Kickers Challenge


Ever dreamed of kicking the winning field goal at the next Super Bowl? Now you can test out your skills at our Kickers Challenge! All that stands between you and that taste of glory is a football, a goal post, and your own skill set. If you are lucky our resident semi-professional place kicker can show you the proper form.

Bazooka Guns


Bazooka Guns are a BLAST, literally! We have 6 air-powered bazooka guns and buckets of balls to shoot! Targets include three skeletons and two steer silhouettes. Bonus Target: In the chest of the biggest skeleton, resides a target that, when shot, sets off a siren.



Our bounce house and inflated obstacle course features are great for burning up that last bit of energy.  These features are designed for those customers 10 years and younger.  10 minutes of jumping, climbing, sliding and rolling around make for plenty of fun (and a quiet ride home).

Kiddie Rides


For our really young guests, we have coin operated mini-carousel and corvette cruiser and a host of Disney Character rides including Buzz Lightyear, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo the elephant and Mickey Mouse too.

Arcade Games


The game room at our main entrance has several video games, pinball, air hockey, pool and foosball tables along with several redemption games.  Spend a few minutes in the arcade and maybe enjoy an ice cream treat or a cold tasty slushy drink.