Lakeland Recreation


6979 W. Houghton Lake Drive, Houghton Lake, Michigan 48629
(2 Miles east of US 127 on M-55)


Open Weekends (May 18 through June 2)
Open Daily at 10am (June 7-Labor Day)




Lakeland Recreation

The number one place in Houghton Lake, Michigan to go for fun!

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, going on a date, or looking for a place where you can take the entire family, we have it all. Lakeland Recreation is family owned and operated since 1969. Our entire family helps in the operation of the business and takes pride in it.

Go Karts


Lakeland offers three go-kart tracks for all sizes and skills. First, the smaller mini-go kart track is for those guests who don’t meet the height restrictions for the full-size go karts. This track has small, low to the ground go karts for littler racers to gain confidence and driving ability. The second go kart track is the next step up in speed. Guests who meet the height requirements are invited to pick out their favorite NASCAR themed go-kart and race around a short oval track, to be the next driver to take the checkered flag. The third go-kart track is for older, more experienced drivers. These karts are FAST and FURIOUS. There are even double-seated go-karts for those families with small children that can’t drive yet. (Height and age restrictions apply to all drivers.)

Mini Golf


Lakeland Recreation offers two 18 hole mini golf courses, the blue and the green course. Landscaped beautifully with waterfalls, plants, and many rocks, it makes a perfect backdrop for a souvenir picture. Courses are changed weekly to increase the challenge, so come often.

Batting Cages


If Baseball or Softball is your game, Lakeland has the batting cage for you. Our cages start small and slow and increase in speed and style to match your skill level. Slow pitch softball to Major league baseball, we’ve got it all.

Haunted Mansion


Come walk thru the halls of Count Von Strange’s 3 story house. There are body parts in the fridge. Chucky lives in the attic. Watch out for the floor that starts to shake in the maze. Not for the faint of heart. (Recommended for ages 8 & up)

Water Smashers


Liked to get soaked!!! Get ready for these gas powered bumper boats. Travel under the water from the water wheel or drive around the fountains of water, but try to keep away from the other boats trying to squirt you with their built-in squirt guns.

Kickers Challenge


Ever dreamed of kicking the winning field goal at the next Super Bowl? Now you can test out your skills at our Kickers Challenge! All that stands between you and that taste of glory is a football, a goal post, and your own skill set. Longest field goal ever recorded at Lakeland’s Kickers Challenge? 35+ yards kicked by Ken (kicked from the parking lot).


Bazooka Guns are a BLAST, literally! We have 6 air-powered bazooka guns and buckets of balls to shoot! Targets include three skeletons and two steer silhouettes. Bonus Target: In the chest of the biggest skeleton, resides a target that, when shot, sets off a siren.



This attraction is restricted for our 10 yr and younger guests. A big red clown and an obstacle course welcomes you to come bounce until you can’t bounce any more.

Kiddie Rides


For our really young guests, we have token operated mini-carousel and corvette cruiser. Also available are token operated battery powered Mini Falcon Racers(ages 4-7) and Mini Karts (ages 3-6).

Arcade Games


In our arcade you will find such vintage arcade classics as Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Bowling, Checks Hockey and Duck Hunt. Newer games include a Monopoly pinball machine, Ultimate Big Punch, Arctic Thunder Snowmobile Racing. We also have the arcade standards of pool, skee-ball, air hockey and basketball including several ticket redemption games.